Don't just go to church. Be the church.

We believe one of the best ways to get involved and create community is to serve in the local church. There is no way that West Hill could exist without volunteers. Most of the positions are very easy to serve in, but critically important. There are many places to get involved. We’re certain there is a place for you! 

Simply fill out the form below. There are descriptions of all our ministries below the form. Even if you try something once and realize it’s not for you, keep trying. You’ll soon find an area that fits you just right!

Current Needs:

  • Hill Kids substitute small group leaders, teachers & helpers
  • 2 year old teacher, every 3rd Sunday.
  • 3 year old helper, every other Sunday
  • 5th grade small group leaders, every other Sunday
  • Hill Kids Greeters, every 4th Sunday
  • Media & Production, Sundays